Raving Fans Club

    Welcome to the Tonya Harbin Team Raving Fans Club!
    As a “Thank You” for doing business with our team, we provide the following services to every member of our “Fan Club” absolutely FREE.
    We hope that your buying or selling experience was one worth RAVING about.
    To Join our Growing Family of “Raving Fans” click on the “Create a Rave” button and leave us a RAVING review.  You will automatically be added to our “Raving Fans Club” as a Premier Member.
    Here are some of the services we offer to our RAVING Fans!
                                                                                Notary Services                                                Black and White Copies                                        Send and Receive Faxes
                                                         rfc-webpage-1       rfc-webpage-2     rfc-webpage-3
                                                                      Free Pressure Washer Rental                                        Free Holiday Pies                                  Invitations to ALL our Client Events
                                                         rfc-webpage-4      rfc-webpage-5      rfc-webpage-6
                                                                                                                                                          Free Use of Our Moving Truck
    For more information on any of our RAVING Fans Club Services, or to make a Reservation, call our Team at 325-603-3579